Facilitate Innovation that dramatically improves the Quality of Living in every sphere of life.

We Design for  Growth

We are founded and grounded on the principle of growth in individuals, enterprises and societies. Mutual Inclusivity is our ideal. We believe in growth that enhances the quality of life and brings about transformation continuously that the future generations can cherish. We believe life has come a full circle on this planet and now we must once again take responsibility for our actions and leverage the democratic world we live in; for expressing and creating collaborative and cooperative societies in thought and action. We are a design company focused on engineering and sustaining growth continuously in every sphere of  life.


The Vedic Period identified HREEMM as Sound Energy; that seeds the heart for Transformative Growth.

Solutions to Demystify the Complexity of Growth


Building an Innovation Platform that facilitates the Creation and Transport of Intellectual Property (IP) in a Continuum; from Conceptualization to Commercialization seamlessly.


Designing Solutions that facilitate Innovation and growth in Individuals, Enterprises and Societies.


Transformation Solutions to facilitate Capabilities Development in Individuals, Enterprises and Societies.


Talent Management Solutions to facilitate the development of Human Capital in Enterprises and Societies.

Subbu Iyer

Subbu is a design thinking digital technology desginer and architect who has globally led transformations in major organizations and societies. An alumni of University of Michigan, he is endowed with a rich experience in building, transforming and starting global enterprises that have contributed significantly to societal growth in many verticals.

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Pratap Behera

Pratap is a serial entrepreneur with ventures in Education, Healthcare and now Enterprise Systems. He is an alumni of IIM Lucknow and NIT Trichy. Known for his learning attitude and an aptitude for the unusual, he brings a great customer focus and a razor sharp intellect for solutions delivery.

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Hreemm facilitates Innovations that dramatically improves quality of living  in every sphere of life.

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