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Digital Maturity Compass helps you remain relevant in the future. The compass enables transformative growth in Individuals, Enterprises & Societies by navigating them from the present into the 4th Industrial Revolution


helps you prepare for the ongoing 4th Industrial Revolution & enable you to

Question the Status-Quo and prepare to depart from the present into the future

Understand where to start your journey for the 4th Industrial Revolution

Navigate the journey of Design, Transformation & Innovation 

The 4th Industrial Revolution

- This Revolution demands a more Social Outlook from business enterprises.

- Growth is an absolute imperative at rates exponentially higher than anytime in human history.

- Globalization brings with it the democratization of systems and the need therefore to work towards collaborative ecosystems that are available anywhere, anytime and anyhow.


What is Digital Maturity Compass ?

  • The Digital Maturity Compass is an instrument that help an Individual, Team, and/or Enterprise by providing the level of preparedness to remain relevant and successful in this modern economy.

  • This is akin to mapping a journey from its origin to destination; drawing from where one is on a 0- 5 scale calibrated as: Innocence, Awareness, Understanding, Definition, Competence and Excellence.

  • It is a self assessment carried out by individuals in a facilitated session. The individual chooses attributes of a particular dimension are to reflect the status quo from his/her perspective. 

  • These scores are aggregated in homogenous groups to demonstrate the maturity of a unified team/enterprise & help achieve the desired purpose. 

  • The diagnostic is drawn against the five dimensions of Digital Readiness, Leadership, Culture, Resilience and Skills including 42 sub-divisions and 252 attributes.

  • The Digital Maturity Compass is the comprehensive and in-depth assessment that is non-judgmental and can be used as a tool to dialog in an enterprise ecosystem.

Because it sets the attributes along the path of an enterprise Journey of Excellence in a Continuum. This is the only diagnostic in the market that has the ability to keep the business prepared for multiple contexts and consequences.

Establishes the Context

Charts the ideal state for the journey of excellence

Mirrors the Status Quo

Know exactly from the perspective of an Individual, Team or Enterprise in their journey of excellence 

Digital Maturity Compass

Renews the Performance Dashboard

Reflect relevance from the perspective of the 4th Industrial Revolution

Builds the right Narrative

Set course the interconnection between the journeys of Life, Customer & Enterprise

Digital Maturity Compass


This is a self assessment and not a judgement of the enterprise

It is an individual and collective perspective on the  each of the 5 dimensions of Digital Readiness

These dimensions can then become the subject of discourse for a dialog within the enterprise or team

Digital Maturity Compass_Organisational

Organisational Health Index 

These are a cluster of key words that you identify and recognise the enterprise with. Such calling out helps in being able to work proactively in changing the dominant traits exhibited by the enterprise towards a more healthy outlook. A cluster of words indicate a certain type of organisation.

Digital Strategy

Digital is to life today what fire was to the stone age. It fundamentally shifts everything we know about how life works on this planet. We therefore need to take responsibility to bridge the gap between the physical and virtual with data that moves intelligently transcending the boundaries we have knowingly or unknowingly established as a consequence of our own limitations of capability.


Culture Maturity

The Values, Beliefs and Assumptions have to be aligned across an enterprise as a basis of reference for any dialog. It then becomes a great rallying point to dialog the evolution or revolution of ideas to be implemented to remain relevant.

Leadership Maturity

As the definition of leadership changes in an environment of democratic systems, leadership  becomes important from each individual becoming a contributor more than a consumer. Therefore it is critical to understand and work continuously in  increasing the   baseline of leadership. Essentially working on how people Think, Influence and therefore enable / facilitate action. 


Resilience Maturity

Success and failure are part of the same coin. It is important for people and the enterprise to realize this and build the strength of character that overcomes the fear of failure and allows Inquiry and Discovery to lead to Initiatives. It is therefore critical to understand the baseline of resilience individually and collectively to create wining teams.

Skills Maturity

Especially in the current times as Digital Technologies are evolving there are no experts. Skills need to be learned in action. This requires a  very conscious understanding of the current skills requirements and  the areas of development.


This is a reflection of the status quo. To enable the journey of excellence with an accurate understanding of where one is in that journey. Address the areas that would be strategically important to traverse the journey and accomplish the desired outcomes. More importantly create a reference for a dialog within the enterprise on growth.

Measurement Scale 
  • This is an industry specific tool that allows one to diagnose their status quo using the guide of descriptors for a dimension; against attributes for each level of maturity.

  • The dimensions and attributes incorporate both Mind 2 Market (Invention to Innovation) and Time 2 Market (Innovation to Improvisation) features. The Digital Maturity Compass provides an accurate view of ones’s understanding of the status quo and the gap that exists with the desired future state.

  • The above scale of maturity also indicates what each stage of maturity is.

  • Every time there is a shift in the social, economic, political and or trade, the attributes are changed to reflect the maturity.

  • The ideal state to be in is executing initiatives to a Transformative Quality that is composite in nature.




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