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We are at the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution,  and digital technologies and business models are disrupting every possible industry.  Digital solution design is no longer that of a platform, product, process or project but a combination, mutually inclusively. 


We combine  our expertise in digital transformation strategy and design thinking to produce innovative solutions, that elevates customer aspiration. 

Platform Design

We see Platform as the unification of the customer ecosystem for a vertical. We engage with Enterprises & start-ups in their Digital Solution Design journey. 

There can be more than one platform player for a vertical as each one might bring a distinct approach to reaching and serving customers. Just like airports, train stations and ports, the scope and shape of a platform is a constantly increasing one with Enterprise's life journey, changing & impacting customer and innovation journey of enterprises. What is critical though are these platforms are equally virtual and physical in integrating Digital, Life and Information Technologies seamlessly. 

Platform Design - Digital Solution Design

Process Design

Both Platform and Product design have to have an embedded Process Design. Our Digital Solution Design engages the Customer and meets the aspirational values on all the five dimensions of Quality, Cost, Delivery, Service and Flexibility. Process Design in the modern digital context has to be driven with deep Profiling, Personalization and Preferentiation that lends itself to Device, Channel and Medium independence, which in turn is secured by Role driven Identity Management. 

Hreemm's Digital Solution Design - Process

Product Design

Products are enterprise offerings that are consumed by the Customer / Consumer. The focus here is on the journey of excellence; from conceptualization to commercialization in a continuum.  Through Digital Solution Design, we bring unique approaches to Modeling and Engineering that are relevant to suitably taking a very focused approach to Industrialization and Commercialization. Digital Solution Design should constantly discover and create value through Innovation, allowing both Mind to Market and Time to Market engines operate concurrently; to deepen and widen industry presence.

Digital Solution Design (Product) by Hreemm

Project (Service) Design

Project or services are one of the key elements of the Digital Solution Design process. Enterprises such as HP have learned the hard way that Service Design is inherent to Platform, Product and Process Design. Also, it continues beyond the Versions and Releases to support customers / consumers continuously. A case in example is the Apple Stores that provide customers with great Education, Ownership and Commitment to Apple products where most of their products are bought virtually. It involves an intricate design of the enterprise organization along with a reliable Knowledge, Learning & Empowerment system that facilitates customer loyalty and satisfaction. More importantly, this Digital Solution Design becomes the springboard for enterprise renewal that is fundamentally important for sustaining growth.

Digital Solution Design, Hreemm, Project/service design

Design is a triad of processes that creates Value 

Hreemm has authored the triad of processes that allows enterprises to operate the Growth engine and the Operational engiene interoperatively. The growth engine produces value where as the operation engine sustains the value. 

Discerning Value

The white paper is an Essential for the 4th Industrial Revolution, which introduces GrowthOps engine

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Digital Solution Desiging

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