Digital Transformation Strategy

How do you Create and Manage Value?

Growth is the cornerstone of Digital Transformation Strategy. Growth needs to happen by design; not by accident. It needs a triad of processes that operate the growth engine. When this engine works in tandem with the operational engine, growth happens in a continuum. In the digital context, both the start-up and established enterprises need to establish this growth engine and connect it to to the enterprise operational engine.


Value Capital Management

Hreemm's Digital Transformation Strategy involves Connecting the mind and body of Individuals, Enterprises and Societies from Conceptualization, thru Engineering, Industrialization and Commercialization in a unified process to facilitate Innovation that delivers Mind 2 Market and Time 2 Market outcomes mutually inclusively. The Digital Transformation Strategy demands the establishment and renewal of enterprise architecture based on a global Governance, Risk and Compliance framework that leverages Business, Digital & Information Technology in unison to deliver Devise, Channel & Medium independent Engagement & Experience to Customers On-Demand.

Hreemm's Digital Transformation Strategy - Value Capital Management


Intellectual Capital Management

The Digital Transformation Strategy should Connect the Value Creation Process with Intelligence. Facilitating the appreciation of Customer Aspirations / Expectations and Contextualizing Solutions. Thereby the Digital Transformation Strategy should create an accurate understanding of the threshold of Capabilities  (Capacity to Transform + Ability (Skills) to Perform). Thus Programs that are initiated with an accurate risk assured method have a better outcome to be measured as a Balanced Scorecard in real time across the enterprise ecosystem drilling down from Process and Teams to Individuals.

Hreemm's Digital Transformation Stratey - Intellectual Capital Management


Human Capital Management

The Digital Transformation Strategy of an Enterprise should Connect the Value Capital and Intellectual Capital processes with talent who produce Intellectual Property that enables an enterprise to relate and commit to its growth needs. Working as a well oiled process thru the Planning, Recruiting, Onboarding, Servicing, Retaining and Renewing of Talent. This would also include Change Management Interventions, Compensation Planning and Organization Structuring and Talent Renewal through Learning. 

Digital Transformation Strategy - Human Capital Management

Learn Design Thinking

Whether you are a startup or an established enterprise, there is a tectonic shift happening in the life journeys on this planet. If you want to be part of that journey, leading contributing as opposed to lagging and coping with it, you need to learn and practice design thinking.

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