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THE Fourth Industrial Revolution


Every aspect that serves the very core of life on this planet is currently threatened. Nature, Health, Education, Government, Mobility, Technology and Wealth are all areas of life waiting to be disrupted. In each of these areas, the negative impact of regressive development that was marked by selfish biases has already set in to do the damage. This has to be arrested and renewed with a better approach. Of course, there is still going to be tremendous resistance from the incumbents and the vested interests. That is the biggest challenge that must be surmounted and this can only be done thru democratization. Education, Ownership and Commitment must become a process that catalyzes transformation leveraging the significant progress made by science and technology in the areas of Unified Communications and Content Management.

Digital Economy

In our societies and enterprises where discrete and disintegrated technologies were the norm, digital technologies pose the challenge of integrating three technologies at the same time; Digital, Life and Information Technologies. Data now can be captured at the source and this converts itself into Intelligence in nanoseconds. There is a great deal of heaving and humming about Robotics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual / Augmented Reality and Cognitive Intelligence. But the fact of the matter is that there needs to be a fundamental shift in the understanding and practice of data management. There is a humongous challenge to digital transformation and no one can afford to delay its impact on society. It demands discipline and democracy that has been lacking from human endeavour so far to liberate the investments made in science and technology to improve the quality of life.

Millennial Workforce 

The Millennials are unlike the previous generations. They have been mistaken for seeking entitlement but they are not. They believe in working hard and playing hard. They believe in being rewarded, recognized and celebrated for their contributions. Diversity is not a slogan with them but rather a way of life. They are talented and they want to make a difference to the society. They question everything and don't stop short of anything. One of the  biggest challenges of the following decade would be to channel this nervous energy in the construction of a newer world allowing to right the wrongs of the previous generations. Human Capital Management would be a Critical Success Factor for Enterprises and Societies. Our Talent Solutions address this growing need. The society needs to disrupt itself in the way it sees roles and relationships in every aspect of life. This disruption will be the most significant of all because it is the humans that are the cause and the recipients of progress. Short-term thinking has to be replaced with long term perspectives. There needs to be a fundamental shift in the way leadership is enacted in our societies. Social innovation will have to take prominence and wealth creation must become a creed rather than short-sighted financial gains. There will be a terrible price to pay if this is not addressed as we are already seeing the outcomes of negative disruption by the way of terrorism and growing divisionism in societies.


Globalization has not only shrunk time and distance but also the flow of data, information and intelligence into the realm of real-time. Literally, the sun is shining and life is happening somewhere on this planet at any time that is explosive in action demanding responses in real time. Cultures are merging and there is this opportunity to either power the efforts of one another thru collaboration or the threat of polarizing thru sectarian and protectionist governance. Even though there is strife and many parts of the world see leadership that is more divisive and unifying, democracy is assuring that the checks and balances keep the debate alive for the betterment of the societies. This is encouraging and needs to be powered with more influential voices and actions taking centre stage to wage a war on dogmas and the conflicts of narrow-mindedness. 

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