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The Challenge of Enterprise DevOps is to establish the four environments as shown below including addressing the complexity of Cloud, IOT, Multiple Channels, Multiple Technologies, Devices, and Mediums and assure Customer / Consumer Engagement and Experience that is World Class and Unique with every transaction. It is about how an ecosystem can work in unison for a common customer seamless exchanging data, work products, information, and intelligence in real time securely and conveniently; where Innovation drives the growth engine and standards and compliance drive the operational engine delivering the objectives of Mind 2 Market and Time 2 Market mutually inclusively. A universal Governance, Risk and Compliance structure will guide and administer the processes with role enabled Identity and Access Management.

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1. Conceptualization

Involving Customers early and connecting with the ecosystem to innovate and create Intellectual Property (IP) is something that is unique and distinctive of the digital era. How do you securely enable and propagate this to advance to this to the next environment is the first challenge of Enterprise DevOps. While sandboxes have been popular, how can the assets be leveraged that are created here for further use? Also, how do they form as part of an integrated enterprise governance that covers the ecosystem as opposed to being a silo that is only accessed and played by a few? In a democratic world, how does everyone get to participate in creating wealth and opportunities?

3. Industrialization

Businesses are globally local (GLOCAL) in the fourth industrial revolution era. Which means there are different geographies of customers adding to the complexity of Personalized and Preferentiated Functionality Development including Version and Release Management that is Device, Channel and Medium independent. Industrialization phase of Enterprise DevOps Assures the right quality delivery with accuracy in meeting the defined specification, this stage is critical in creating market loyalty. The teams here need to find the right components and libraries to develop and deploy code and solutions that have many dimensions. Again this is a stage that needs to be viewed differently to the conventional software development.

2. Engineering

Producing Components that fit into an overall vision of a design. This discipline is prevalent in the Automotive and Aerospace industries because of their technology intensiveness. Now with digital technology invading every industry, it becomes necessary to adopt the approach of engineering in a more robust way. Because the modern technology is an integration of Business, Digital and Information Technology. Engineering is a great first step in the direction of enterprise agility; where the components are built to unconstrained design leveraging the aspirations of the customer. The sooner the customer crosses the chasm of the process of education, ownership and commitment, the greater the ability to bring the engineering to life through a socialized ecosystem, and that's the promise of Enterprise DevOps. 

4. Commercialization

Continuous Delivery / Continuous Integration (CD / CI) is an integral part of the Digital Transformation framework that needs to become part of the modern enterprise. This assures that Customers / Consumers get a Unique Engagement & Experience with every single interaction. There is no vertical that is not impacted by the Digital Revolution. If it is not the integration of business and digital technology in the Product offering itself, its distribution and reach compel every enterprise to dynamically build and deploy solutions that keep pace with the shifting aspirations of the customer universe. The modern-day Customer Life Cycle and the Product Life Cycle constantly need to interconnect and this is where the commercialization phase of Enterprise DevOps plays a very important part.

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