Cognitive Framework for Talent

Just because an enterprise declares that their people are the greatest assets doesn't make them a good practitioner of talent management. Neither does the awards for the best place to work nor the changing of titles to People's Officer and Happiness Officer. As we become increasingly democratic in every walk of life and the digital economy enforces an intelligent life on this planet, the narrative needs to shift from Human Resources to Human Capital. The fundamental difference between the two is that the former is an Acquisition while the latter is Creation. Accountability matters and enterprises must take it up more seriously even as they question and demand an answer from themselves in the digital economy is:

Do we have a Cognitive framework for Talent?

Making a distinction between referring to people as resources and talent is a very important first step in the narrative of a cognitive framework. In the earlier economy when democracy and technology were still maturing, there were a minority who could essentially set rules and regulate most. Now with the free flow of Information and Intelligence in Real-Time, Systems and Societies have to adapt to what the majority aspires. Herein lies the secret sauce which is not only democratization of growth but also the expression of the free spirit.

Seeking the best talent (Purpose) in the world to respond to the stimulus of the enterprise with the deep ability to Sense, Learn and Seek continuously is what will make talent and enterprises successful in the future.

The digital economy blurs the distinctive boundaries and the distance between the customer and the economic value chain through a seamless offering of Platform, Product, Process and / or Service On-Demand. This promise of the digital can potentially only be fulfilled by Talent. There are no two ways about it. Those that want to be ahead of the game need to start now. The leaders are already blazing the trail.

Amazon deploys software into the marketplace every 11.6 seconds in a day totalling to about 136,000