WE at HREEMM have #deletefacebook and decided to quit facebook professionally and personally as a mark of protest and solidarity for the 50+ Million users whose data has been willingly violated by Facebook in cohort with Cambridge Analytica. When Channel 4 in Britain broke this sensational story to the world, we waited for the dust to settle down. Far from it, the unabashed media appearances of Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg apparently apologizing for this culpable act seemed largely aimed at calming down frenzied investors more than apologizing to its Customers. Please read the article I wrote on Linkedin Pulse https://goo.gl/j36cKp.

Trust needs to be the essence of designing Customer Engagement & Experience

As we hurtle into the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it is inherent upon Individuals, Enterprises and Societies to transform our existence that is fraying at all corners. Facebook that has benefited from so much love and consideration bestowed on it by Customers (the entire ecosystem of its Employees, Subscribers, Investors, Stakeholders, Vendors, Business Partners and Societies) decides to act out a sham. It appears more sorry for being found out rather than for its misguided actions. As an enterprise that is set at transforming Individuals, Enterprises and Societies to a higher threshold of Capability, we believe we can neither participate in the business of Facebo0k if it continues to sustain and condone its actions as it does not belong in a digital society having betrayed the first principles of trust.