WE at HREEMM have #deletefacebook and decided to quit facebook professionally and personally as a mark of protest and solidarity for the 50+ Million users whose data has been willingly violated by Facebook in cohort with Cambridge Analytica. When Channel 4 in Britain broke this sensational story to the world, we waited for the dust to settle down. Far from it, the unabashed media appearances of Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg apparently apologizing for this culpable act seemed largely aimed at calming down frenzied investors more than apologizing to its Customers. Please read the article I wrote on Linkedin Pulse https://goo.gl/j36cKp.

Trust needs to be the essence of designing Customer Engagement & Experience

As we hurtle into the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it is inherent upon Individuals, Enterprises and Societies to transform our existence that is fraying at all corners. Facebook that has benefited from so much love and consideration bestowed on it by Customers (the entire ecosystem of its Employees, Subscribers, Investors, Stakeholders, Vendors, Business Partners and Societies) decides to act out a sham. It appears more sorry for being found out rather than for its misguided actions. As an enterprise that is set at transforming Individuals, Enterprises and Societies to a higher threshold of Capability, we believe we can neither participate in the business of Facebo0k if it continues to sustain and condone its actions as it does not belong in a digital society having betrayed the first principles of trust.

Governance, Risk & Compliance must form a Key Factor in Enterprise Design

Data is and will be the currency of the Digital Economy. Every enterprise must learn how to exercise its intellectual integrity in shaping its enterprise to be Smart, Sensitive and Serendipitous in every transaction with its Customer Engagement and Experience. Failing to make an example of Facebook will not only enable Facebook to go scot free to do whatever it pleases without the constraints and oversight of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) but also embolden more enterprises in the market to 'cock a snook'. Enterprises must realize that GRC is not an afterthought or something to satisfy the regulators and auditors. It is the sacred premise on which a relationship is established with the Customer Universe. Every startup and incumbent enterprises must have a design of its enterprise that has it Principles, Policies and Procedures adhering to both the current and anticipated requirements of Governance. That would be the cornerstone of true Innovation that progresses the society rather than a small motley group of executives and fund managers.

Innovating by Collaborating with Social Networking

Social Networking for which Facebook stood could mature and be enabled to truly develop Communities of Interest (COI) and Communities of Practice (COP) that grows us Individually in enterprises and Societies. Socialization needs to be woven into the inherent fabric of life journey rather than stick out as just a sore thumb. It needs to be channeled effectively in the process of Education, Ownership and Commitment to a better way of Life and Living. These networks must be part of the systems we weave around the economy we plan to create and thrive in. We must have the patience and persistence to build out social networks based on integrity and trust that can Serve the Customers truly. Facebook's business model did not aim to serve the customers. It only sold to customers and arbitrated service. It could perhaps never anticipate what the customer would ever aspire for. Therein lies the secret sauce to the transformation.

When enterprises realize that Collaborating through Communities of Interest (COI) and Communities of Practice (COP) would be necessary for the Journey in Excellence we call Innovation. They would then form their own Social Networks that would be participative in the journey of the Platform / Product / Process and / or Project (Service) Life Cycle. Coursing a Continuum through the four stages of Conceptualization, Engineering, Industrialization and Commercialization.

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