Designing in the Digital Era

Design Thinking appears to be the new flavor of the season. And while we are at it let us make sure we understand it right. The percept of design goes well beyond the obvious. In its very inception it is a deep cognitive science. Design is the product of context and contour relevant to whose perspective it might be; People, Society and / or Enterprise. Every single person is a designer as long as he / or she is able to understand this and realize it in their realm of life.

In these times as we move from the era of Industrial to the digital revolution the very context and contour of our existence is being reinvented every moment practically as we speak 24*7*365 and shaping lives globally. Irrespective of industry and society that one belongs to the significance of design making an impact is inescapable. Because the adaptation and mastery of this new emerging way of life means finding one's relevance in it and adapting quickly to its demands.

Design can make it difficult to find excuses for the fact that the connection between two points is a straight line.

Design and Architecture were viewed as distinct from each other in the earlier eras only because skills and people were siloed and not connected and / or networked by processes and technologies. However that has changed and the very premise of modern society are those two very words; Networking and Connectivity. This has increased the pace and presence of everything imaginable and that in turn demands a continuous approach to design that deciphers a method and mechanism to not just cope but rather to thrive and sustain the pace of growth.

Design is without a doubt core to life as we live today; maintaining a continuous flow from Thought to Action thru Learning and Renewal.

Design is in essence a mechanism to elevate the level of conscious and / or Intelligent decision making. Please refer to the above illustration and it becomes apparent that every enterprise and society will need to create this flow from Conceptualization thru Engineering, Industrialization and Commercialization to be successful in their endeavor to thrive and lead.

Engagement (Process) and Experience (Interaction) are the Yin and Yang of Digital Technology. Ignore this and guarantee yourself a lot of waste and heartache at lost opportunity.

Stop thinking of sticky notes and offsite workshops as a method of achieving design. First focus on getting people to understand the granularity of design and the capabilities one needs to acquire at an individual, enterprise and / or societal level. Then make it happen relevant to their context and circumstance through a diligent approach with the structure the right tools. Adhere to the above illustrated process with the right level of skills and discipline. Stop making design thinking another slogan and make intelligent use of resources available today to realize that there is a means for more people globally to participate in the Creation of Value & Growth.

Design can no longer be the preserve of a few but rather the passion of a majority. It needs to morph its relevance to the growing aspiration of many versus the greed of a few. The current narrative should recognize this and the future history should record it as such; for those who succeed in grasping this truth early.
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