Mindset - What is that?

Updated: Dec 24, 2018

Mindset is a consequence of Inquiry, where a constant process of seeking correlates the external and internal to produce thoughts that lead to possible actions.
What is Mindset?

Ever too often we have heard the term "mindset" being bandied when one refers to matters relating to Leadership, Culture, Design or such. These topics are often treated as abstracts and optionals of life that humans have the leverage to choose at their convenience. Is it really an option?

To get to that question one must first understand this concept of mind. What is it really? Is there a part of a human body that one can identify as mind? Not really! However one can safely relate to the confluence of Thought and Action as the Mind. And that can be set to a certain frequency or a way of response when the stimulus to the brain is conditioned in addition to the popular agreement of Values, Beliefs and Assumptions of an Ethnographic group of people.

Mindset is a consequence of Inquiry

It is safe to establish therefore that mindset is an outcome of Inquiry. Where a constant process of seeking correlates the external and internal to produce thoughts that lead to possible actions. This mindset that is ideally driven by the process of Inquiry produces outcomes that are beneficial to the society and the planet when orchestrated with a growth orientation. The same can be twisted to unhealthy outcomes when driven not by a process of Inquiry but rather by a process of manipulation and lack of integrity.

Flawed Democracy

The Economist Intelligence Unit published its annual Democracy Index 2017 in which it reports that democracy is on the decline in countries all over the world. It is apparently the worst since the aftermath of the global economic crisis. And this is in effect causing both at a societal as well as enterprise level:

  • Declining popular participation.

  • Weaknesses in the functioning of governments and enterprises.

  • Declining trust in institutions.

  • Dwindling appeal of mainstream representation.

  • Growing influence of unelected, unaccountable institutions and expert bodies.

  • Widening gap between political elites and electorates in societies and vested interests and cohorts in institutions/enterprises.

  • Erosion of civil liberties, including curbs on free speech.

Deepening Divisions

Movements like the #Metoo or #NeveragainMSD or #Marchforyourlives are both symbolic of the failure of Governance in Society and Enterprise's suppression of life. It is a terrible waste of time and resources when it is clear that our approach to life needs to transform as more people are able to exercise the influence of intelligence in their everyday actions. This is where caution is required because intelligence can cut both ways; to the benefit or detriment of societies and enterprises.

Ventilating Ecosystem

The only path to meet the growing demand in the fourth industrial revolution phase is the triangulation of Design, Transformation & Innovation.
Growth exists at the triangulation of Design, Transformation & Innovation.

More than ever we require to create the right environment for an ecosystem to flourish. The technology today can enable the democratization of systems across borders. Capturing data at its source and transforming it into intelligence in real time. Such a possibility needs a connected ecosystem that is participative in a role driven Identity Driven environment. Connecting the processes with embedded governance will be the cornerstone of a digital infrastructure that democratizes systems and finds expression of its participants without fear and with fervour.

Mindsets can become a true advantage with the right environment being created for individual expression. Without which it will be a mere excuse used by a few to monopolize others.

The next time we hear the term "mindset" let us understand that it doesn't drop from the heavens but rather is something we cause upon ourselves and we have a responsibility to keep it set right and relevant to the times we live in all the time.

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