The One Point Agenda for 2018 & Beyond - Leadership

Usually towards the end of the year there is a spate of litany around "Trends" and prescriptions for what to do or look out for in the following year. We are in an era of abundance of the key essentials of life and this can all be ground to waste without the right Leadership. This planet is not in shortage of people who want to lead. However there is an absolute scarcity of role models. The first and only principle of leadership is growth and a leader is one who tries hard to make it happen not necessarily being in a position of power; but rather influencing and gaining power in the process of creating growth opportunities. Diversity from this context needs to be explored beyond the lip service to gender. The first on the long list of things to be achieved under diversity should be care for capability.

Jeff Bezos has been famously quoted for using "Getting It Right" as the most vaunted Leadership quality. In his dictum it supersedes smartness, maturity and / or the ability to get things done. It is not about failing or succeeding but rather persevering for what is right.

Cognitive Dissonance

The very nature of leadership demands not coping but dealing with ambiguity, complexity and unpopularity. Leadership is about being able to take decisions that sets the path and direction for others. But unfortunately most of whom we call leaders either in societies or enterprises dither. There is a fundamental difference between Leadership and Management where the Keywords for the former are Innovation, Initiative and Inspiration. But most of the leaders are happy meeting the definition of the latter which is Maintain, Mandate and Manipulate. Institutions now use the term Digital Transformation fashionably. If the leaders are serious about it they need to transform themselves while allowing true leadership to flourish in their enterprise and societies.

The mentality and attitude of augmentation is inadequate in an era that is seeing a fundamental upheaval of life as we have known it.

The Three I's of Leadership

At the cost of sounding repetitive it is still worth mentioning that the very essence of leadership is