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About Hreemm

Hreemm is a Digital Innovation Platform and was born in January 2018 to facilitate Innovations that dramatically improves quality of living in every sphere of life. Currently, the platform offers personalised learning to Individuals, Teams and Enterprises, that enables them to learn & master new skills, through a combination of e-learning (recorded video & virtual instructions), communities of interest/practice, physical workshops etc. 

Hreemm is also building the Innovation Platform that would help Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs to transport their Intellectual Property from Conceptualization to Commercialization in a continuum through Engieering & Industrialization. 

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Thought Leadership 

Hreemm conducts research and bring in relevant insights, research findings to its community members. You can access the page here

If you want to use any of the insights in your website/publication, the same can be published by giving due credit to website and its authors. 

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