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The Digital era demands a dramatic transformation in every enterprise; be it a startup or an established enterprise. Relaying the strategic foundation of the enterprise in full flight requires a very experienced Program Management Office to address the shifting goals and executing the plans. The three foundations that need to be learnt are Enterprise Agility, Objective Oriented Program Management and Balanced Scorecard Management.

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Enterprise Agility

Enterprise Agility is the first requirement in the learning of Objective Driven Program Management. Where the best available talent and resources globally need to brought together virtually and / or physically to deliver a unique Customer Engagement & Experience every single time through enterprise systems; creating growth in a continuum. It is about how an enterprise can be prepared for any eventuality and succeed without being dysfunctional with all the initiatives it undertakes. 

Objective Oriented Program 

Objective Oriented Program Management (OOPM) is Strategic Goals driven that is informed by Design Thinking. It brings together different work streams to collaborate and deliver critical strategic outcomes that are planned in a continuum. It is the vehicle that manages the seamless transition of Intellectual Property (IP) from Conceptualization thru Engineering, Industrialization and Commercialization. It develops the narrative and is responsible for communicating on the progress of the Transformation initiatives that the enterprise undertakes. 

Balanced Score Card

What gets measured gets done is an old adage but still relevant. However it is important to understand the measure as what to measure. Hence the Balanced Scorecard will need to show in realtime the Innovation Index that comprises of the Mind 2 Market & Time 2 Market Measures, the Learning & Growth that shows the Capability threshold of the enterprise, the Financial Measures reflecting both Profitability and Productivity while the Customer Measures in terms of Quality, Cost, Delivery, Service and Flexibility.

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