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Opening remarks @ 4th Design Thinking Conclave & Awards curated by UBS Transformance 



Our Chief Executive, Subbu Iyer talks about The Roadmap to Design Thinking Success. The essence of his talk is about bridging the chasm between the status quo and the desired state. 


The ongoing 4th Industrial Revolution demands to learn in action, and learning can happen by framing the right questions. Design Thinking is always human-centric & connects the journey of the customers, the journey of an enterprise with the journey of an Individual/Innovator.


Keynote Address: Design Thinking at the cusp of the 4th Industrial Revolution


Our Chief Executive, Subbu Iyer presented the keynote address on the relevance of Design Thinking and how we can Innovate for the ongoing 4th Industrial Revolution. 


Watch this video to learn how Individuals, start-ups/Entrepreneurs or Enterprise can embrace Design Thinking & provide optimum Engagement & Experience that produces Aha! the moment every single time.  

Digital Transformation
Everyone is a changemaker in the Digital Economy. How can one learn, transform, Innovate and remain relevant during the 4th Industrial Revolution? Watch this video to learn on the following 5 questions. 

1. What is Digital and Digital Transformation?

2. How is Digital Transformation relevant to you today?

3. How can one become an expert in digital transformation?

4. How can you start learning the nitty-gritty of digital transformation?

5. Where should you start practicing digital transformation?

Design Thinking
Design Thinking is all about connecting the abstract with the detail. In other words, it's about bridging the performance with the potential. Watch this video to learn about the following 5 questions. 

1. What is Design Thinking in the context of the 4th Industrial Revolution

2. Why Design Thinking is relevant today in your context

3. How can Design Thinking help you

4. How can you start practicing Design Thinking

5. Where do I begin my journey of a Design Thinker

Value proposition of Hreemm

Hreemm operates at the triad of Design, Transformation & Innovation.

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We collaborate with our customers through customized learning solutions, designing assignments & transformation interventions

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Testimonials from workshop participants 

We have facilitated workshops and learning program with the Innovation ecosystem in India: Educational Institutes, Start-up accelerators, Co-working spaces, conferences and with our enterprise customers. Here are some of the testimonials we received from the participants 

Learning from Leaders

We collaborate with leading entrepreneurs/Intra-preneurs and Industry Leaders to talk about their experience and Thinking behind their Venture/Enterprise. Learn from them and understand how the world is changing at the onset of the 4th Industrial Revolution. 

Sakha: Food from farm to Plate 


Shankar & Arvind are working on a modern agriculture concept - Sakha. They are on a mission to Innovate & transform the way food reaches our plate from the farm.  


Team Sakha aims to connect the Life Technologies (IOT/Blockchain) with Business Technology (Hydroponics farming technology)  with Information Technology (AI for Decision support). 


Watch the video to learn more about the thinking behind Sakha and learn about modern farming. 

Dreamverse: Magical Reality 


Abhyudaya Goyal & Team Dreamverse is designing the futuristic immersive Virtual Reality (VR) solution, which aims to create fascinating everyday experiences using VR/AR/Mixed Reality & Machine Learning (AI/Computer vision) 


Dreamverse is designing the next generation platform in the Virtual/Digital world with Integrated Connection, communication & Collaboration in real time.


Watch the video to learn more about the thinking behind Dreamverse and the possibilities of experiencing Magical Reality.